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Maria's Puzzle

Maria’s puzzle is an NFT collection game built on the WAX blockchain.
You must have a wax wallet to start the game.
The easiest way to instantly create a Wax wallet is to use the browser-based Wax Wallet.
You can create an account with one click using Facebook, Google, Steam, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Twitch, or other social accounts.
Most Wax dApps use this Wax Wallet as a login option.
A public wallet ID will be created for you automatically, for example “abcd.wam”.
This is the ID you’ll want to give anyone who wants to send you Wax or NFTs.
After you log into Wax Wallet for the first time, click on Settings > Security and enable 2-Factor Authentication.
This adds a needed layer of security to your wallet to prevent anyone from stealing your account.
It’s vital that you do not skip this step when setting up your wallet.

You are ready to collect your puzzle pieces! 

🔗 mariaspuzzle.com