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The best tools for working from home.

The best tools for working from home.


The past couple of weeks have been confusing and forced us all to rethink the way we work. Now, as the majority of people are working from home, good organisation is more important than ever. It’s important to choose the right tools to keep businesses running smoothly and to keep the team working together efficiently.

We wanted to share some tools we already use (and some we might try soon) to improve your workflow… and make working from home less of an organisational nightmare!

The tools.


Document sharing:

  • Google docs – for ideas, notes, spreadsheets and more
  • Notion – notes, projects and tasks
  • WeTransfer – upload files online and share
  • DropBox – share and sync all company files


  • InVision – digital product design platform
  • Adobe XD – UX/UI design tool
  • Figma – collaborative interface design platform


  • Github – a version-control system for tracking changes in source code
  • Bitbucket – alternative for Github

Project Management:

  • Trello – organisation tool, Kanban-style list-making
  • Monday.com – manage projects, processes and workflows
  • Harvest – time tracking for project management


A few extra tips.

We’ve been working from home every Wednesday for almost a year now, so we know how to organise ourselves. Good communication is always essential to avoid misunderstandings.

The last advice we can share is to take short breaks away from your computer during the day. Remember to get some exercise during lunch or after the working hours to keep your mood up and maintain a work/life balance.

We hope these tools will help you get all of your work done. Share them with your team and stay productive!

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